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Certificates issued on 17-Aug-2021

Electronically Registered Product Details

#Local Technical RepresentativeApplication NumberProduct Trade NameHuman VetLocal ForeignInn Of ApiApi Strength Per DosageProduct Registration NoDosage Form NameRoutes NameEvaluatedShelf Life NameProduct Visual DescAtc Code NamePharmacotherapeutic GroupMah Company NameMah Company AddressMah Company EmailSite NameSite AddressStatus NameStatus Description
1MINISTRY OF HEALTH HEADQUARTERS (AFYA HSE)20517COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna dispersion for injection…HumanForeignmessenger RNA (mRNA) (embedded in SM-102 lipid…One dose (0.5 mL) contains 100 micrograms of…H2021/CTD8835/20517EUADispersion For InjectionINTRAMUSCULARRecommended7 DaysJ07BX03Covid-19 vaccinesLONZA AG3930AuthorizedDone by the regulator