Public View of Retained Products - Shows all Approved products for the year 2018

Product Details

# EvaluationRetention NoProduct Trade NameHuman VetLocal ForeignInn Of ApiApi Strength Per DosagePharmacotherapeutic GroupMah Company Name
1Evaluated9735Makcila InjectionForeignImipenem USP equivalent to anhydrous Imipenem &…EACH VIAL CONTAINS: Imipenem USP equivalent to…Beta-lactamantibacterials: CarbapenemsMakcur Laboratories Limited
2Evaluated11041Makcin 100mgForeignAmikacin sulphate USP equivalent to amikacinEach vial contains Amikacin Sulphate USP…Antibacterials for systemic use: AminoglycosidesMakcur Laboratories Limited
3Evaluated11042Makcin 500mgForeignAmikacin Sulphate USPequivalent to AmikacinEach vial contains Amikacin Sulphate …Antibacterials for systemic use: AminoglycosidesMakcur Laboratories Limited
4Evaluated11044Pitamak 4.5gmForeignPIPERACILLIN SODIUM USP AND TAZOBACTUM SODIUM…PIPERACILLIN SODIUM USP EQUIVALENT TO…Beta-lactamantibacterials: Combinations of…Makcur Laboratories Limited
5Evaluated9673Protrim (Co-Trimoxazole)ForeignTrimethoprim BP Sulfamethoxazole BPeach 5ml ampoule contains Trimethoprim 80mg and…Antibacterials for systemic use: Combinations of…Makcur Laboratories Limited
6Evaluated8017PROVIR FOR INTRAVENOUS INFUSIONForeignACICLOVIR SODIUMEach vial contains 250mg of acyclovir as the…Antivirals for systemic use:…MAKUPA CHEMISTS LTD
7Evaluated5491AzidocForeignazithromycinAzithromycin USP 500mgAntibacterials for systemic use: MacrolidesDoctor Pharma Manufacturing UK Ltd
8Evaluated12133Dipifer SyrupHumanForeignFerrous Ascorbate and Folic AcidEach 5 ml contains Elemental iron 5 mg and Folic…Antianemic preparations - Iron preparations: Iron…Doctor Pharma Manufacturing UK Ltd
9Evaluated5417Docbactam 1500mgForeignCeftiaxone and SulbactamCeftriaxone 1000 mg and Sulbactam 500 mgIntravenous solutions: AntiinfectivesDoctor Pharma UK Manufacturing Limited
10Evaluated5495Dola CRForeignDiclofenac SodiumDiclofenac Sodium 100mgNon-steroidal…Doctor Pharma Manufacturing UK Ltd