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# EvaluationPaidRetention NoProduct Trade NameHuman VetLocal ForeignInn Of ApiApi Strength Per DosagePackagingProduct Pack SizePharmacotherapeutic GroupMah Company Name
1EvaluatedPaid10465BORTIMORE 3.5ForeignBORTEZOMIBeach vial contains 3.5 mg BortezomibvialOther antineoplastic agentsATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
2EvaluatedPaid12751CHEMOGEM 200HumanForeignGemcitabine Hydrochloride equivalent to…200 mg/Vial10 ml USP type I glass vial, 20 mm Bromobutyl…10 ml vialgemcitabineATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
3EvaluatedPaid12752CHEMOGEM 1000HumanForeignGemcitabine Hydrochloride equivalent to…1000 mg/ Vial50 ml USP type I glass vial, 20 mm Bromobutyl…50ml vialANTINEOPLASTIC AGENTSATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
4EvaluatedPaid13731PEMITA 100HumanForeignPemetrexed DisodiumEach vial contains 100 mg Pemetrexed Disodium…10 ml USP type I glass vial, 20 mm Bromobutyl…10 ml vialpemetrexedATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
5EvaluatedPaid13732PEMITA 500HumanForeignPemetrexed DisodiumEach vial contains 500 mg Pemetrexed Disodium…50 ml USP type I glass vial, 20 mm Bromobutyl…50 ml vialpemetrexedATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
6EvaluatedPaid12754BEMUSTAR 100HumanForeignBendamustine Hydrochloride 100 mg100mg/Vial20 ml USP type I glass vial, 20 mm Bromobutyl…20 ml vialbendamustineATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
7EvaluatedPaid10467RUBIDOX 50ForeignDOXORUBICIN HYDROCHLORIDEeach vial contains 50mg of Doxorubicin…VIALCytotoxic antibioticsand related substances:…ATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
8EvaluatedPaid11907CISPOLE 50HumanForeignCisplatinEach vial contains 50 mg Cisplatin1vial in a carton1vial in a cartonOther antineoplastic agents: PlatinumcompoundsATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
9EvaluatedPaid10463ZOLEONE INFUSIONForeignZoledronic acid monohydrateeach vial contains 4mg of Zoledronic acidVIALDrugs affecting bone structure and…ATLANTA BIOLOGICALS PVT LTD
10EvaluatedPaid11694AREST 120HumanForeignFexofenadineFexofenadine 120mg1x10 Blister pack1 x 10Other antihistamines for systemic useRavenbhel Healthcare Pvt. Ltd